Biography Skaladdin

The band started their musical adventure in the second half of 1998. Constantly being motivated by enthusiastic crowds at their concerts, the now six band members have become the lead vocal of the Swiss Ska-Punk choir. In fact, Skaladdin was one of the first Swiss bands to play this kind of energetic music which was very little known at the time in their home country. Right at that moment, many American Ska bands (among them many Ska-Punk bands) started to discover Old Europe and toured the continent, leaving many people happier than they had been before. The success of those bands made it clear that Ska and Ska-Punk were those styles of music the crowd had been waiting for without knowing it. Ska concerts are still very popular in Europe, especially in Switzerland, even 7 years after the Third Wave really hit the continent. Skaladdin has played about 150 shows since the band's birth, most of which in Switzerland. However Skaladdin has also left their footprints on international stages in Germany, Austria and South Africa.

In 2001, the first Skaladdin album 'Rub the Lamp' was released on Pimp Records. Two years later, after numerous experiences on stage and due to the work invested in their first album (which has been sold well over 2500 times in little Switzerland only), the band spent their second summer vacation in the recording studio. Strengthened with a additional guitar player and with a bigger investment on time and money their second full-length album 'Far-Off From Okay' became reality. The successful selling of their albums continued also with the second release, and by touring the band got the chance to play with many international bands like 'Reel Big Fish', 'Gentleman', 'Safe Ferris', 'Die Toten Hosen', 'Oasis' and with all the national bands who got anything to say in the business like 'Züri West', 'The Bucks', 'Sens Unik' or 'The Peacocks'.

After a year of touring the band decided to reduce their concert events and get back to work on new songs for their third album. Skaladdins new baby 'Young, Handsome & We Know It' exceeds its predecessors not only in the technical area. Soundwise the band progressed and developed their very own style of Third Wave Ska. Inspired by many different kinds of bands, Skaladdin plays its Ska-Punk combined with Ragga, Swing, Rock and styles man still has no name for, so great diversity is comprehended in text and music. Those who need more than just a new CD will get to see them live all over the world. The launch of 'Young, Handsome & We Know It' in February, 2006 marks the starting point to a road-trip through every single continent. They've decided to spread their powerful sound further than just Europe and want to experience playing in front of audiences who still haven't seen the greatest Swiss Ska-Punk export up to now.

The official (and unofficial) goal of Skaladdin is to keep rocking all stages, nationally and above all internationally. Thanks to their very diversified songs and highly energetic show, we at Pimp Records are confident that the band will achieve their goal and will make music fans around the world happier than they were before they knew Skaladdin.

January, 2006